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Recreation possibilities


- ski lifts 300 m from the hotel
- own car park
- cycling
- bus transport possibility
- insurance of the children for additional charge
- discounts for downhill courses at the accommodation in the hotel

Determined for school in the open air and sports workshops in summer 2003 and winter 2004.

In winter the centre is full of skiers thanks to several ski lifts not only just right here, but also in near surroundings. At the accommodation in our facilities there is a discount for ski lifts.

are the highest, 400 million years old mountains in the Czech Republic with the area of 454 km2 with the highest mountain called Sněžka (1602 m above sea level). The Giant Mts. do not belong among the alpine mountains, but the top parts have an alpine character (climate, fauna, flora). The singularity of the nature in the Giant Mts eventuated in 1963 in creating of the Giant Mts National Park. With its area of 365 km2 it belongs among the biggest protected areas in central Europe and at the same time it is a biospheric sanctuary of the UNESCO.

A net of well – adapted marked tourist trails offers more than a hundred possibilities for wandering through the Krakonoš ´s kingdom. This net corresponds with the images of demanding mountain terrains. Natural nature trails bring near the beauty and singularity of the Giant Mts. Thanks to excellent snow conditions and nets of chair lifts, ski lifts, downhill and cross – country courses the Giant Mts belong to the paradise of winter sports.

BENECKO (750 - 1000 m above sea level) is the most upland village situated in west Giant Mts, it lies on the south slope of Žalý mountain (1036 m above sea level), with the highest number of sunny days a year. Benecko offers unforgettable views of foothills of the Giant Mts, the country and Kotel (1435 m above sea level).
Ideal conditions for walking, mountain bikes and winter sports: 
  • 4 ski lifts – artificial snowing, ideal for children and beginners
  • Ski lifts (Herlíkovice) – for advanced skiers
  • Ski schools – group or private education
  • Race trails for cross – country skiing (7, 10 km)
  • Skis and sports equipment hire
  • Billiards Bar – entertainment centre (billiards, darts, hockey entertainment fruit machines), discos (A-Club)
  • Sports playground above the school (tennis volley - ball), Street - ball playground, Bathing place
  • Horse riding, sleigh and carriage ridings, dog teams
  • Restaurants, cafés, bars, refreshments
  • Cosmetics, hairdresser, massages


  • Na Rovince (7 km) – intersection of hiking trails, refreshment
  • from Benecko along the green sign along Tobogan and back along bituminized trail number 10
  • Janova hora (12 km) - Hucul farm, horse breeding, horse riding, refreshment
  • from Benecko to the intersection of hiking trails Na Rovince, turn left and along the trail number 10 (beware a very sharp downhill slope through the forest) then straight on to the stables
  • Žaly (6 - 10 km) - 18 m stony look – out tower from 1892, 1019 m above sea level, the most beautiful panoramatic view in the Giant Mts., refreshment
  • From the guest - houst Zlatá vyhlídka through the forest along the red sign, back over Zadní Žály to the Žaly Hotel or continue along the red sign to the intersection of hiking trails Na Rovince and along the green sign (along Tobogan) to Benecko
  • Velbloudí trail (8 km) - past Přední and Zadní Žaly /Cesta milenců (Lovers´trail) – local signs/
  • From the guest - house Zlatá vyhlídka past Ambrož ´s spring over the downhill slopes in Herlíkovice and then along the yellow sign back to Benecko
  • Horní Štěpanice (11 km) – ruin of the castle from 14th century founded by Jan from Valdštejn
  • from INFO FLORA along the green sign to Horních Štěpanice and round the church by the castle


  • Horní Mísečky - Zlaté návrší - 1411 m, Vrbata ´s hut, Hanč and Vrbata ´s monument (30 km)
    From Benecko across the intersection of hiking trails Na Rovnice along the green sign to Třídomí, turn left and along the trail number 12 past Harrach ´s rock to Horní Mísečky. Then along the yellow sign to the Vrbata ´ s hut, Hanč and Vrbata´s monument, back along Masaryk ´s street to Horní Mísečky. Then along the red sign – along Buchar ´s trail over three hills to the intersection of hiking trails Na Rovince to Benecko
    by car to Horní Mísečky or on foot to Vítkovice and by the morning bus to Horní Mísečky, in summer by shuttle to Zlaté návrší, then:
    along the yellow sign to the spring of the Labe River, Violíks, Sněžné pits, back over Labská hut along the red sign on the edge of Labský důl valley to Vrbata ´s hut (12 km)
    along the yellow and later green sign across Navorská meadow to Vosecká hut, along the red sign to Tvarožník. Along the Cesta přátelství (Trail of friendship) to Česká hut and back along the yellow sign to Vrbata ´s hut (11 km)
    along the red sign over Růženka ´garden to Dvoračky and along Krakonoš ´s trail along the green sign through Kotelní pits to Horní Mísečky (10 km)
  • Back to Benecko it is possible along Buchar ´s trail (red) or along the yellow sign to Horní Mísečky, along the trail number 12 to Třídomí and back along the green sign to Benecko (15 km)
  • Špindlerův Mlýn – the most beautiful trail leads again across the intersection Na Rovnice, then along the green sign over Kraus ´s huts to Špindlerův Mlýn (12 km) back it is possible by bus after 4 pm with a change in Vrchlabí


  • BOZKOV (35 km): dolomite caves – unique karst decoration with the largest subterranean lake in the Czech Republic
  • DVŮR KRÁLOVÉ NAD LABEM (35 km): ZOO-SAFARI, open daily
  • ADRŠPAŠSKÉ ROCKS (60 km): Adršpach, sandstone rock town with a boat trips
  • ČESKÝ RÁJ CHKO (CZECH PARADISE PROTECTED AREA) (50 km): This area consists of several sandstone rock towns
  • HRUBÁ ROCK– a castle from the beginning of 18th century, nowadays a hotel with amazing view of Trosky
  • TROSKY – a ruin of the castle from 14th century – a well – known dominant of the Czech Paradise with two prismatic towers: Panna a Baba (Virgin and Granny)
  • ROVENSKO POD TROSKAMI – a wooden timber belfry from 1630 with three bells inverted upwards
  • HRUBÝ ROHOZEC NEAR TURNOV – a castle, originally a mediaeval castle with highly valuable adaptations from late Gothic.
  • VALDŠTEJN – a ruin of the Gothic castle from 13th century, a family home of the Valdštejns
  • KOPIC ´S FARM - a timber farm near the Hruboskalské rock town where the owner cut relieves into the surrounding rocks
  • DLASK ´S FARM - Dolánky near Turnov, an exhibition of folk timber architecture from 18th century with an exhibition of a rustic house, agricultural and workmanlike equipment
  • KOST – preserved Gothic castle from the end of 14th century.


  • Špindlerův Mlýn, Harrachov and Pec pod Sněžkou the largest sport centres in the Giant Mts.
  • ŠPINDLERŮV MLÝN (25 km) – chair lift to Mědvědín and Pláň, ski lifts, summer bobsleigh course, paragliding
  • HARRACHOV (35 km) - ancient glass - houses, museum of glass, ski jumps, chair lift to Čertova mountain, ski lifts, Mumlava waterfall
  • PEC POD SNĚŽKOU (35 km) – chair lift to Sněžka, walking to Sněžka through Obří důl valley 3-4 hours.
  • VRCHLABÍ (9 km) – ice - rink with skates hire, bathing place, sightseeing flights, school of flying, museum of the KRNAP (National Park of the Giant Mts.), banks, petrol station, train and bus connection
  • JILEMNICE (9 km) – swimming pool, sport, playground, museum, banks, savings bank, train connection, petrol station
  • JANSKÉ LÁZNĚ (30 km) – health resort, cabin to Černá mountain
  • MŘÍČNÁ (12 km) – bathing place
  • KRUH (16 km) – bathing place

JILEMNICE – beginning of skiing in Bohemia, mechanic Metelka ´s crib, Kavan ´s gallery
HARRACHOV – glass production history since1712, possibility of an excursion to glass furnaces and a grinding plant of glass in a historic grinding plant
VRCHLABÍ – audio visual ecological exhibition “Stone and Life“, three historic buildings with an ethnographic exhibition, main info centre of the KRNAP
PASEKY NAD JIZEROU – Remote patriots´ monument, violin production exhibition

CZplus – pečeť dlouhodobé spolupráce a kvality